Bro Andrew Richard Daily Devotion - A Home Filled With A Family

Daily Devotion - A Home Filled With A Family


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No matter how big or small a home may be, if it is void of people, it can be a sad and empty place. And what joy it is when a home is filled with people moving about and doing their business. In fact, the ‘nicest’ homes, are the ones with the noise of talking, laughter, babies crying: life happening – a home filled with a family.

A family where children are the joy of their parents; their children the joy of their grandparents; and even further, great-grandchildren the joy of their great-grandparents. What an enriching and privileged opportunity especially for the older generations to be able to enjoy and teach the younger ones, where “children’s children become the crown (the joy, the happiness) of old men.”

Likewise, the other side of the coin is when children recognize their parents and their grandparents as their pride and joy; where they are proud to carry on their family name; and where they also want to pass on the legacy they received, to their own children.

After all, isn’t this what the Lord also wants from us? Our love, our respect, and the hope that we will pass on to our own children what we learn from Him?  Let’s be the generation that blesses the next, and reminds them that children are and will always be: a blessing from the Lord.

Written By: Bro Andrew Richard