Bro Andrew Richard Daily Devotion - Shepherd of our Soul

Daily Devotion - Shepherd of our Soul


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A good shepherd knows and recognizes his sheep’s voice from afar. He knows that his sheep are lost and helpless without him, and he never leaves their sight. When the sheep go astray, he works harder and finds them despite all odds. when the sheep need a shave, they go to the shepherd, when they need food, they need the help of the shepherd, when they need water to quench their thirst, they look for their shepherd, ultimately, they are comfortable around their shepherd, and feel safe from predators.

Similarly, The Bible tells us that our GOD is a good shepherd, HE takes care of all our needs, without HIM we are lost and helpless, He never leaves nor forsakes us, and when we go astray, HE runs closer to us and brings us back to HIM. When we are in need, HE has commanded us to ask, and we shall receive, When we are depressed, he fills us with HIS joy, When we feel weak, He says “My strength is sufficient in your weakness”. Such a wonderful GOD.

Let this thought sink in us today, HE KNOWS OUR NAME, and HE RECOGNIZES OUR VOICE. so every prayer we make is heard by HIM and He is working on our every request. Let GOD give our answers in HIS time, meanwhile, let us trust HIM for He is a good shepherd and a stronghold in times of trouble. Amen. 

Written By: Bro Andrew Richard