Bro Andrew Richard Daily Devotion; Unchanging God

Daily Devotion - Unchanging God


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We give you thanks, O Lord God Almighty, The One who is and who was and who is to come, because You have taken your great power and reigned -Revelation 11:17

In scientific equations, there are values that we call as Constants. The other values are variable but there are these constants that bring meaning to the mathematical problems. These scientific constants never change no matter what happens to the variable values in the equation. These constant needs to remain in the equation to get the final correct solution.

We have a God who never changes . He is the constant in the equations of our lives.

In this verse, we see that our Lord God Almighty is the

One who is
One who was
One who is to come
When we meditate on this verse, we are reminded that Our God is magnificent and beyond the concept of time and that He never changes. We all have problems in our lives that we need help to solve. Our Constant is the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us take a few moments and think about those unsolved problems and equations in our lives. It may be a health, financial, career, relationship or any other difficult problems. Let us add the Constant of our Lord Jesus into that equation. The meaning of the equation will begin to change.

Today, let us allow our Lord Jesus to re-introduce Himself in our problem and in our equation. He will never change and He will reign in power in all situations in our lives . The difficult problems and equations in our lives will get solved because of His unchanging presence.

Bro Andrew Richard