Bro Andrew Richard Devotion - Our God is Righteous

Our God is Righteous


God is a righteous Judge.  He will never subject anyone to false trials or accusation.  He judges everyone fairly.  He loves people who do things that are right in His presence.

For the Lord loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever; but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off. Psalm 37:28

God loves judgment, i.e., executing what everyone deserves according to their actions.  He loves people who are righteous and those who act in faith and love.  He will never forsake His saints.  He preserves His people from all danger, but those who are wicked shall not prosper and soon will be no more.

God is a righteous Judge.  He will never subject anyone to false trials or accusation.  He judges everyone fairly.  He loves people who do things that are right in His presence.  He always watches over those who follow His principles and laws.  Sometimes, even a righteous man will be targeted by the devil but God will not allow Him to remain in his control forever.  He will never allow a good person to be kicked around like a ball by the devil forever.  He will preserve such a person from all harm and evil schemes even though that person falls into them.  He protects every single man or woman who trust Him in their trials and tests.  He proves to them that He is the Master of all situation.  His word says that sorrows will last through comethe night but joy comes in the morning.  We may have tests and challenges in this worldly life but God’s peace will surpass every high and low that we go through.  There will be one day when God will lift up the needy and the godly.

Never stop being respectful of God.  Always value and cherish what God values.  Be righteous and do what is pleasing to God.  He will preserve and prosper you and execute a fair trial upon you.

Bro Andrew Richard