Lung Disease instantly healed at Grace Ministry Mangalore

Little girl instantly healed from Lung disease


My daughter was being hospitalised since 3 months due to chest tightness beacuse of cough accumulation. Her one of the lungs was inflated because of the same & she was unable to breath nor talk normally, the medical professionals acquainted that she would need a surgery at the earliest, or failure of which might cause it to spread & invade a lot of other organs soon, which would prove fatal.

Little girl instantly healed from Lung disease at Grace Ministry Mangalore after applying the Healing oil of Grace Ministry. Today she is blooming with Joy.

It was then my sister had been here to Grace Ministry, where she met Bro Andrew, who consoled her & prayed over the girl & also asked to apply the Grace Ministry Healing oil all over her body & we did so.

Two days later, when her Lung's angiography was taken it astonished all who were present there, as all the blockades have been cleared with no signs of complications, which also made surgery inessential.

Today she is blooming & able bodied & does all the routine activities actively.Amen!! God has completely healed her from the top of the head to the sole of her feet.

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"The Lord sustains him on his sickbed in his illness; & restores him to full health - Psalm 41:3"