Tumor in the Uterus healed at Retreat Prayer in Mangalore

Uterus Tumor


I had a really huge tumour in my uterine glands since 10 months & the medical professionals said that I would require around 8 bottles of blood infusion at the time of surgical removal of the tumor.

As the tumor grew day by day, the pain was so dreadful & unbearable which is why I had to helplessly think of getting myself hospitalised.

Tumor in the Uterus healed at Grace Ministry retreat prayer in Mangalore. Tumor grew day by day, the pain was so dreadful but Jesus healed her.

It was then Bro Andrew & Sis Hanna counselled, comforted and prayed over me , after which I went ahead to again revisit the physicians. They then told me that I wouldn't require any sort of surgeries but would only need some medications  for the cure. But still, I did not give up my faith and hope in the Lord.

Sis Hanna advised me to apply the Healing oil of Grace Ministry, all over my body & to have faith in God alone & I did so. Every day I began to apply the oil and confessed " Lord by your stripes I am healed" 

Following this, in the same week, I had been for a body scan, which revealed the total absence of the tumour, I was completely shocked which not only amazed me but also the medical professionals.

Now my tumor is no more. Jesus has set me free!!

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"For with God, nothing shall be impossible. Cast your burden on the Lord & he will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be moved, made to slip, fall or fail"

As the bible says "Lord my God, I called unto you for help & you healed me- Psalm 30:2"