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Thousand Praises Online

951 You fill the hungry soul with goodness Ps 107:9

952 He who sends His word and heals Ps 107:20

953 For Your word which gives me comfort in my afflictions Ps 119:50

954 For the wondrous things from Your Law (Bible) Ps 119:18

955 Lord, You have caused me to hope upon Your Word Ps 119:49

956 For Your Word which gives me life Ps 119:50

957 You have dealt well (are dealing well, will deal well) with Your servants Ps 119:65

958 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path Ps 119:105

959 Your words give light and understanding to the simple Ps 119:130

960 For Your words which is very pure and tried Ps 119:140

961 Your word was to me joy and rejoicing of my heart Jer 15:16

962 Your words do good to him who walks uprightly Mic 2:7

963 Your words are faithful and worthy of all acceptance 1Tim 4:9

964 O! God, Your word is living and powerful Heb 4:12

965 Your word is like a fire and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces Jer 23:29

966 He who makes His words fire Jer 5:14

967 The word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth Ps 33:4

968 Your commandment is exceedingly broad Ps 119:96

969 Lord, You did, and You will do awesome deeds to us Ps 65:5

970 Lord, in righteousness You will answer Ps 65:5

971 Lord, Your anger is but for a moment, but Your favour is for a life time Ps 30:5

972 Lord, You will not keep Your anger for ever Ps 103:9

973 There is forgiveness with You Ps 130:4

974 With You is abundant redemption Ps 130:7

975 For the help of Your countenance Ps 42:5

976 The Lord who made the heavens Ps 96:5

977 He who made the worlds Heb 1:2

978 He who made the sea into dry land Ex 14:21

979 You broke open the fountain and the flood Ps 74:15

980 You dried up mighty rivers Ps 74:15

981 In the day time, You let Your people with the cloud and all the night with a light of fire Ps 78:14

982 He who split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink Ps 78:15

983 The waters of Marah were made sweet by You O! Lord Ex 15:25

984 He who sent the bread of the angels as food in abundance Ps 78:25

985 He who broke the wall of Jericho Josh 6:20

986 He who opened the mouth of the donkey to speak Num 22:28

987 You made the Sun stand still over Gibeon and Moon in the valley of Aijalon Josh 10:12

988 He who makes the morning darkness Amos 4:13

989 He who turns the rivers into a wilderness Ps 107:33

990 He who turns the water into dry ground Ps 107:33

991 You turn the wilderness into pools of water Ps 107:35

992 Lord, You turn the rock into a pool of water Ps 114:8

993 You turn the dry land into water springs Ps 107:35

994 He who brings the time of birth and he who causes delivery Isa 66:9

995 The Lord who rebuilt the ruined places Eze 36:36

996 Lord, You will seek what was lost Eze 34:16

997 You bring back what was driven away Eze 34:16

998 You will bind up the broken Eze 34:16

999 You are a hiding place from the wind and a cover from the tempest Isa 32:2

1000 You will make darkness light before them and crooked place straight Isa 42:16